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North Dakota Bankruptcy Laws

Facts About Filing Bankruptcy in North Dakota

Your debt may have you feeling helpless and hopeless, but there are powerful debt-relief options available.

To illustrate the reach of bankruptcy protection, we put together this page outlining some details about filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 in North Dakota.

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Filing Bankruptcy Under North Dakota Bankruptcy Law

The bankruptcy laws in North Dakota are structured to offer relief to people that are in serious need of help. State bankruptcy laws may provide powerful protections.

For example, only Chapter 7 bankruptcy can allow a complete discharge of most or all unsecured debts. Being free of these debts could be life-changing.

In some cases Chapter 7 bankruptcy may involve liquidation of property. For example, if you owned multiple houses, you may only be allowed to keep one.

The good news is that the bankruptcy laws provide strong exemptions that may protect your property, including your home, car, clothes and even crops from being sold.


  • Up to $100,000 worth of real estate.


  • 75 percent of weekly earnings.


  • One vehicle worth up to $2,950.

Personal Property

  • All family pictures.
  • One church pew and a burial plot or plots.
  • A family Bibles and family books.
  • Clothing.
  • Food and fuel for one year.
  • Crops and grain.
  • Up to $7,500 worth of all other personal property, including money, for the head of the household

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often called “reorganization” because during filing debts are ordered, reorganized and sometimes reduced.

Then, instead of facing late fees and fines while struggling to keep up with multiple bills, only one monthly check needs to be written to your trustee who will handle the creditors. As long payments are made on time, those under the Chapter 13 protections should be safe from foreclosure, repossession and creditor harassment.

To accomplish Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will need some regular income. This is a viable solution for people whose debts are the result of a temporary setback, say a job loss or personal injury, and they’ve since recovered. And, thanks the vast property protections, they should still be able to keep their house and car.


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Note: Keep in mind all laws are complex. If you need legal advice or want to fully understand how these laws affect you, please speak with a local attorney.

Laws may have changed since our last update. For the latest information on your state's bankruptcy laws, speak to a local bankruptcy lawyer.

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